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Covering London, England, Wales, and some specialities in Scotland and Northern Ireland
, Alexander Chambers specialises in medical law, mental health law, regulatory law (GMC, NMC, HPC, GDC, GOC - Fitness To Practise law IOP), clinical negligence, personal injury, coroners law, court of protection law, health realated and general employment law, and licensing law.

Alexander Barristers can be instructed directly by a client, or via a solicitor. Call us without obligation.


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Internet Scams

Check a Barrister. Check a Solicitor. Beware of unsolicited emails which claim to come from lawyers (barristers, chambers, or solicitors) in the UK that refer to large lottery wins, or Wills that leave huge fortunes to unknown receipients, or which offer loans for and similar in return for a fee. Do not part with any money. You will not see it again. Report the email to your local police. Some scammers steal images and use email addresses of genuine businesses to pass themselves off as the legitimate thing, but they then ask you to write to a hotmail, gmail or similar account. If it looks dubious it is likely to be dubious. Barristers and solicitors are highly unlikely to use Moneygram, Western Union or any similar money transfer companies to receive monies. If you use such systems the money will be likely to disappear never to be seen again. Check the ID of any lawyer by seeing their passport or driving licence. Check that the ID is not fake. Visit them at their offices. Check a barrister via the Bar Standards Board wesbite, and a Solicitor via the Solicitors Regulatory Authority website. Check that the law business or lawyer has a UK bank account. The obligation is on you to check the authenticity of a barrister or any other lawyer. Don't let your vanity get the better of you by thinking that a fee of several hundreds or thousands of pounds will lead to you becoming rich. We at cannot check the authenticity of any lawyer. You must do your own checks.

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Barristers are lawyers who provide independent legal advice and representation in courts and tribunals of england and Wales and in some other countries.

Members of the public can instruct many barristers directly and all independent barristers via a solicitor.

Barristers in England and Wales, UK, are guided by the General Council of the Bar and regulated the Bar Standards Board.
The Legal Ombudsman also investigates complaints against barristers.

Barristers provide a quality advocacy and advisory service.

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A directory of baristers for members of the public.

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Barristers can be instructed by solicitors or in some cases by clients directly.

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Find a barrister.

Barristers in all specialisms. Directory of barristers in England and Wales. Directory of Directories.
For solicitors and members of the public. Barristers can be instructed by the public without the use of a solicitor, making obvious savings.
Barristers are legal specialists who are experts in law.

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